Zee’s Brazilian Full-Kit ( First Time)

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Step 1:

Clarifying shampoo is exclusively developed for hair before a brazilian
treatment. The unique deep cleaning formula is not only clarifies hair deeply but removes residual build-up, also opens hair cuticles to prepare the best hair environment for Zee Brazilian treatment,its a must for a perfect Zee brazilian hair treatment.


Massage Zee clarifying shampoo into wet hair
twice on chemically
treated hair and three
times on virgin hair lather and rinse thoroughly then

Air dry your hair before applying step 2

Step 2:
Zee Brazilian Treatment is a revolutionary hair reconstructor and volume reducing treatment that eliminates kinky and frizzy hair textures, leaving hair straight, healthy and shiny. Keratin, together with a highly concentrated protein compound, has a unique synergy that acts fast and vigorously to regenerate and rebuild the hair shaft, making it smooth and naturally straight. It works on all types of hair, apply the product, proper blow dry then iron piece by piece
N.B Regretfully no pregnant women are allowed to use the product


Step 3:

Zee Deep conditioning mask

Gives maximum re-hydration with frizz reduction, while accentuating the straightening effect.

After applying Zee Brazilian treatment, rinse hair and apply Zee deep conditioning mask, massage it well, leave on for 5- 10 minutes and rinse.

Zee’s Brazilian  Botox shampoo: & Conditioner

Advanced anti- Frizz, argan oil treatment , hydrating and smoothing moisturizer, 100 % Paraben free, Anti hair loss , Anti – Tangling
Hair Types:
For concentrated natural argan oil conditioning , hydrates, smooths and protects medium to coarse tresses while preventing frizz to split ends. Packed with hydrating botanicals, this lightweight Conditioner instantly detangles while helping to provide anti – fade protection to color treated hair .
keratin amino acids restore the fibre and reinforce hair, leaving it stronger, silky soft and shiny . For hair returned to its optimal level of health, smooth frizzy and unruly hair surfaces improving compatibility and providing a mirror like shine

10 reviews for Zee’s Brazilian Full-Kit ( First Time)

  1. Business directory

    This is really a wonderful write-up! I just have one problem. How do you do it so brilliantly? Every little thing on this web site is really good.

  2. Budowa Pianina

    i have checked this site a few times now and i have to say that i find it quite great actually. keep it up! 🙂

  3. Carmen Hilser

    Fantastic product! I have used it, my Mom, Cousin…easy to follow instructions, and it truly is bang for your buck!
    lasts up to 4 months and longer if you use the product as instructed and it saves so much time when drying your hair. Love it. Honestly, I had better results with this than when I had it done at a salon.
    I may not be a queen, but my crown sure is silky, shiny and oh-so-soft!
    Thanks for the product, and especially the service, you are always available and delivery is super fast!
    10/10 for me.

  4. Rashida

    I tries the brazillian…. awesome

  5. Tameryn

    Love this product. Been using it for almost 2 years, nothing compares! My hair has never felt softer and is much easier to handle. My forever go to 😉

  6. Feroza

    Queens I bought Zees Brazilian Kit. I’m the happiest customer. My hair is shiny and lustrous, it lifted my self confidence. I don’t even need to iron it. It’s value for money. Zee we love you. Thanks for lifting us up.

  7. Kashiefa

    This product is amazing I used it and there was no fumes. My hair feels amazing soft and smells great. I highly recommend it

  8. Melissa

    This is an amazing product makes your hair manageable and soft and last for about 4 months if instructions are followed

  9. roasane

    I bought the brazillian treatment and did my hair. Wow, my hair is soft and manageable. Thanks for the affordable, lovely product. Will be buying the shampoo and conditioner and treatment soo.

  10. Fadwah

    I’d like to purchase the Brazilian

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